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How about Women looking for bisexual Couples?

girls-kissingWomen have embraced their sexuality. They have risen as powerful people who seek to take the reins of a relationship. Most of all a bisexual women will look for a bisexual dating site to form a threesome. There are plenty of options to hook bisexual couples. Here are some advices when you are up to it.


Be Honest and Straight

When you are using a bisexual dating site, there is no better advice than honesty and straightness. Just like that. Here are explicit tips you can use:

  • Be honest about your experience.
  • Be straight on what you are looking for.
  • Don’t assume, ask.
  • Tell everything you want.
  • Don’t be shy talking about dildos and sex toys.
  • Respond to everything you’ve been asked honestly.

A piece of Advice about you posting Photos

Photoshop nowadays makes it possible to circulate a lot of fake “perfect” pictures around. Bisexual women looking for couples are not safe of these phenomena. When you post a photo, avoid cheating. Be honest and make a realistic first impression. You might even want to choose a not-so-good picture of you to go along with your profile. I am not suggesting that you look bad, but do not post the perfect and best picture of you. That way, you will cause an even better impression when you finally meet in person. After all, bisexual couples are looking for a real encounter and not just the fantasy of online meetings.

How to get Real Photos from your Bisexual Women Prospects

If you want to make sure you are getting an honest approach from the other side, ask bisexual women for a photo. But be clever, and after you have the first freely given picture, ask for something more specific.

A classic is to ask for a picture of her with the newspaper showing today’s date. That is effective, though not too original. Some other ideas include holding something you like (like a stuffed animal or a dildo). If you had an interesting conversation about something related to her life, ask for a photo of her holding that particular object and making a funny face, showing her tongue or giving a kiss.

You can use some of these tricks to get a real photo and be playful with sbisexual couples. It is a way to warm up the environment for the real thing.

Go beyond the looks and Chat

Bisexual women and bisexual couples engage in relationships not different from straight relationships. When you are looking for an encounter in a bisexual dating site, go beyond the looks and chat. You will find that there is a better chemistry coming from people you have something to talk about.

Even if you are just talking about sex, you can identify how experienced and how creative are the bisexual women you are trying to meet. It is no warranty that everything will work in real life, but you’ll have more chances to get a pleasant encounter.

Bisexual Couples vs Bisexual Women

There is a saturation of bisexual couples looking for bisexual women for a threesome. Most likely when you post a request for females, couples will pop up inadvertently.

If you are not fond of a swinger like an experience, and you want strictly bisexual women, then ignore these replies and stick to your request. You will find that there is less time to waste when you just go for bisexual women instead of trying something you are not looking for.

NSA Advantages

Ask for NSA (No Strings Attached), not just to the bisexual women you are looking forward to meeting, but also to your couple. Be sure that your partner is ok with NSA and talk about it. Bisexual couples have to be confident and must trust each other before going after a bisexual dating site for an encounter.

Before meeting Bisexual Women, get to know their status

It is not that you care about bisexual women being single or married. However, when bisexual couples look for encounters, there are many things that a bisexual dating site cannot control. Some of the problems you might have depending on her status are:

  • Married bisexual women who chose to cheat on their husbands can eventually be caught, and you will have an angry man banging your door if she was not discrete.
  • Single bisexual women  may not be as discrete as some bisexual couples might want.
  • Bisexual couples can be treated by bisexual women who want to engage in a one-on-one relationship with any of them later on without the couple’s consent.

By knowing in advance what is the bisexual woman’s status, you can prevent and be aware of some of this drawbacks. Use this guidance to make the most of your bisexual encounter. Get ready for new experiences and play it safe.


It’s not easy for bisexual marriage

snookigirlkissingDo you want to start again? Bisexual Women and Couples, women looking for couples, couples looking for single bisexual women and men. When you feel overwhelmed for the current marital status, have you ever want to end it all. Marriage is not a toy,throw it away if broken. “One may fall in love with many people during the lifetime, when you finally get your own happiness, you will understand the previous sadness is kind of treasure, which makes you better to hold and cherish the people you love.” Cherish your marriage and lover.


Many people thought that a faithful husband is likely to be honest, intelligent and hardworking. The same to wife or the third partner, bisexual poeple should be honest and frank to tell someone how you fell and your opinion. Even though bisexual is not always threesome, but if you want to invite the third people join your marriage, you should talk and listen your partner’s view.

2.Listening and Talking

Take time to listen to your partner, if there are too many discords and not enough harmony in your lives, encourage them to have a bright outlook. we need  listen to them with patience, face the difficulties with them and try to find solutions.

3.Show Weakness

Everyone has his temper, usually in the bisexual marriage of husband and wife are you strong I am weak, or is I am strong you weak, but it is the best to take turns, don’t everytime” I said”, ” I’m right”. Different with foreign people, to the other half is a kind of love, playing.


Often kiss your partner, go to work in the morning and don’t forget to kiss goodbye, don’t forget to kiss your family home in the evening. This action although small, but to a great degree of mental support and warm.


Even after marriage to keep dating habits. Going out with your partner, often canlet a nanny or temporary care and work aside, marriage is not the grave of love, but marriage must be nourished by love.


Even work outside and don’t forget “text messages”, just married young couples can use social software to keep in touch with each other in a wide range of designs, however, between 40 to 50 years old of middle-aged couples are less emotional contact in science and technology communication methods. Before retuning home, to a wife texting” I can’t wait to see you!” Plus a smiling face. Can let two people plus many feelings.